Our Founder



Ryan L Hopman Ph.D.

Ryan launched his first successful business at 12 years of age. His innate entrepreneurial spirit has been a hallmark of Ryan’s career, as is his ability to take on any challenge and persevere until the correct solution is identified.

He often jests about living many previous lives, as his background and interests are diverse and eclectic; covering fields such as IT, Aerospace and Aviation, Real Estate, Creative Design, Education, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Aerobatic Pilot, Medical Imaging, Radio Show Host, University Professor, and University Academic Director, just to name a few.

Ryan holds undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in Aerospace and Business from the University of Portland, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Northcentral University and is currently pursuing a degree in Law from Pepperdine University.

Ryan has designed and created for small and large businesses alike, with projects ranging from workplace balance/workflows to multimillion-dollar medical imaging systems. Ryan started Vertigo Group in 1996 while attending University and has extensive knowledge of Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac, not to mention IT security, infrastructure, and networking. Ryan also holds many Windows, Networking, and IT certifications.

For a man who doesn’t seem to sleep, his hobbies are as diverse as his professional background. Ryan spends his off time traveling the world with his family, skydiving, sailing, surfing, golfing, playing the piano or guitar, composing music, and exploring unbeaten paths.