What We Do

Vertigo Group has been in business for over 25 years with offices in Portland, OR, and Santa Barbara, CA. Vertigo Group is, at its core, a consulting company with expertise in many fields and vertical markets, so many so that it is difficult to summarize the extensive knowledge base we at Vertigo Group encompass.

We believe the simplest is always the best. We aspire to turn the complex into simple, sound solutions that are efficient, systematic, and, more importantly, work. Our recommendations just plain work.

Our firm specializes in everything from aiding small businesses and start-ups with all their technological, infrastructure, and office needs to real estate investment strategies, public speaking, and seminar engagements. In keeping with our mantra of simplicity, below is a bullet point list outlining our consulting fields:


    • Technology
      • Infrastructure Implementation
      • System Design and Rollout
      • Network and System Security
      • All things Apple, Windows, Linux
      • Web Development and Site Creation/Design
    • Real Estate
      • Investing Recommendations
      • Property Management
      • Landlord Solutions
      • How to Build Wealth in Real Estate
      • Commercial and Residential Diversification
    • Business
      • Mentorship Programs
      • Start-up Solutions
      • Entrepreneurial Consultation
      • Streamlining workflows and processes 
    • Aviation
      • Aviation Safety
      • Airport Planning
      • Educational Programs
      • Aviation Upset Planning and Strategies
    • Public Speaking
      • Professional and Private Speaking Engagements
      • Seminars
      • Broadcasting (Radio and Online)
    • Education – Higher Education
      • Teaching Methods and Strategies
      • Research, both scholarly and general consumption


Not to be immodest, but we know what we’re doing and do it well. Given Vertigo Group’s expansive and wide-ranging reach, we structure our pricing to reflect the field/market we are assisting with. In most cases, we offer flat-rate consultation fees—we believe that hourly-based compensation is a conflict of interest, hence, a monthly service fee.

However, some unique circumstances about which field one needs assistance with will be based on something other than a flat, monthly service fee. While still not hourly, pricing will be based on the project, project length, logistics such as travel, etc.

This is part of our special projects division, and the rate is determined on a case-by-case basis. Our pricing structure is broken down under our services section.

Companies and individuals alike have entrusted Vertigo Group for almost three decades to deliver on our promise, a simple—there’s that word again—and successful plan of action. 


We’re Solution Experts.